Krontaler service


The table below lists the service telephone numbers and email addresses for the different service regions. Please pick the ones which apply to your situation. You can reach our service desk from 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM on weekdays, or you can write us an e-mail, without any time restrictions. When contacting us, please keep the brand, model number and the date of purchase ready. Without these data, we will experience great difficulties in serving you in a correct manner.            

Globaltronics GmbH and Co. KG

Krontalertelephone numbere-mail address
Belgium, G.D.Lux.(+32)(0)3/707 14
Holland0900 44 666
France00800 456 22



The service of Protel can be used for some project from "Monolith GmbH" or "Krippl-Electronics GmbH". Please check the included manual or warranty card to find the correct data.  

Krontalertelephone numbere-mail address
Belgium, G.D.Lux.(+32)(0)3 232 11
Holland0900 0400
France09 708 052



Krontalertelephone numbere-mail address
Belgium, G.D.Lux.03 231 72