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The Teknihall website uses a technology wich is usually referred to as 'cookies' to administer the website and to distiguish you from other users of the website. These so-called cookies are small textfiles which are sent by our webserver and are kept onto your computer in order to keep your preferences and data (e.g. ordered articles) remembered in order to print e.g. the returnlabels. Most of these text-files are so-called session-cookies, which are destroyed as soon as you leave your webbrowser. No cookies of this kind are shared with third parties.

This site integrates also Google Analytics in order to improve the overall surfing experience. The Google cookies are used to analyse visitor behaviour anonymously; Google Analytics uses permanent cookies.

At any time you can refuse the use of all or certain cookies, by altering the settings of your webbrowser. To find out how to do so, please read the manual of the webbrowser you are using. If you refuse the use of cookies, certain parts of the website will loose their functionality.

Teknihall reserves the right to alter its privacy policy at any time. By using the website, you agree with the policy we use, and you are considered to have read and agreed to this policy. The policy conforms to the European directive 2002/58/EG of 12 Juli 2002 ( and the European regulation 2016/679/EG concerning the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data (